Case Study - Westland Helicopters


The Challenge

Ayudar were asked to reduce telecommunications costs and improve reliability for the site at Yeovil.

The Response

Ayudar analysed that the most critical point of failure was the centralized existing telephone system. A failure of the PABX would reduce telephone traffic to and from the site to virtually zero.

The Result

The solution was to replace the existing system with three systems networked together. This meant that a single system failure would result in only a one-third reduction in voice capacity.

By linking the systems with Voice over IP (VOIP) over the existing data networks, savings of over £400k per annum could be made by not renting internal telephone circuits from the telephony provider. Ayudar assisted Westland Helicopters in the selection of the supplier of the new network and project managed the installation, testing and commissioning of the system.

In addition Ayudar have helped Westland Helicopters reduce telecommunications costs by:

Data Circuits:

Migrating existing data circuits onto an alternative supplier without any logistical change in the operation at Westland (simply a reduction in rental charges billed through another supplier).

Setting up Mobile Extension:

By making a direct link from the mobile phone supplier to the telephone system at Westland all calls to mobiles and from Westland mobiles back to the Yeovil site benefited from a considerable reduction in call charges.

Miscellaneous Tidy up:

By ensuring that there were no redundant lines and that all lines that were on site were using the chosen service provider further savings were made.

Overall savings:

In excess of £500,000 per annum and have enabled the new telephone systems to be purchased and installed out of the cost reductions made.