Ayudar Ltd started life as Systemease Ltd in 1988. Founded by John Mansfield, the company soon built up an impressive list of customers.


In the early days, there were two main focuses for the business:

(1) cost reduction, maximising the use of the various BT discount schemes available and eliminating billing errors, which to this day are a surprisingly common occurrence; and

(2) providing advice on PBX and telephone equipment selection and multi site networking. With the advent of deregulation, Systemease became one of the first companies in the UK to advise on the use of alternative carriers to BT.

In 1991, Systemease merged with Quest Communications, managed by Kevin Hard, to form EQS Associates Ltd. Over the next decade the company enjoyed notable success with over 1,000 customers including County and District Councils, NHS Trusts, charitable organisations, FTSE100 companies and a host of small and medium size enterprises.

In June 2001, EQS Associates re-branded and Ayudar was formed; the name being taken from the Spanish verb “Ayudar” meaning “to help or assist”. Ayudar continues with the original vision started with Systemease in 1988 to provide expert independent IT and telecoms advice.

Ayudar has now been providing advice on IT and telecoms for over 20 years.

The secret of our success?


Ayudar excels at providing an exceptional service to our customers with many retaining our services on a regular basis and recommending us to their business partners.